Why Prefer Desi Cow Milk Over Regular Cow Milk?

Why Prefer Desi Cow Milk Over Regular Cow Milk?

Back in the early nineteenth century when there was no refrigeration and a lack of public sanitation, bad milk was a common occurrence. In urban areas, cows were fed distillery waste, or swill, which made them undernourished and sick. Their milk was bluish and thin and offered very little nutrition. Dairies were anything, but sanitary and milk containers used for transport and delivery often reused without cleaning. So in 1862, when Louis Pasteur developed a process to extend the shelf life of wine and beer, the process was soon adopted all over the world and applied to milk. Pasteur’s process, later dubbed pasteurization, involves heating food to such a degree as to kill any disease-causing bacteria, and has helped reduce the transmission of polio, scarlet fever, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and dysentery. And, Desi Cow Milk is now in trend which is the pure form of milk.

Desi Milk is Better than Regular Milk

There are many arguments for and against different types of milk. One example is Desi cow milk vs regular milk. Many people wonder what the differences, which one is healthier are and why is one more expensive than the other. These questions are easily answered.

Desi milk, though more costly than regular milk, is worth the expense because it is healthier than regular milk, it tastes better than regular milk, and purchasing it promotes natural farming methods. Desi milk has been taken from cows raised on pasture, without having been given hormones or antibiotics in their life that could affect the quality of the milk. The pastures in which these cows are grazing are also untreated with fertilizers and pesticides.

Regular milk is milk from cows that have been given hormones to promote greater milk output and have been kept in small stalls and fed grains that have often been genetically enhanced. Health standards are in place to ensure that those cows that were given an antibiotic are removed from milk production until the antibiotic is fully out of their system. There is regular testing done to ensure that there are no antibiotics present in Desi milk. There are many differences between Desi and regular milk. Important differences are the vitamins and minerals that are in Desi versus regular milk, and the taste. Anyone who drinks Desi milk much is going to find it difficult to go back to the regular cow’s milk as Desi milk tastes much better.


There are many differences between Desi cow milk and regular milk. The health benefits of Desi milk outweigh the regular milk. Desi milk has no pesticides, chemicals or preservatives in it. It is a healthier alternative to regular milk. The bovine growth hormone has been linked to different adverse health conditions. It is definitely healthier to drink Desi and pay the extra price than consume the regular type of milk.

  • Rich in enzymes that make it easier to digest
  • Great source of digestible calcium and other important minerals
  • Full-spectrum of amino acids
  • Contains beneficial bacteria and essential fatty acids
  • Excellent source of vitamins such as B12
  • Contains enzymes such as lactoferrin which helps to protect the milk from pathogen growth

Panel Says

If you were to place ten people in a room for a blind taste test between regular cow’s milk and Desi milk from a cow, it should come as no surprise as to which milk would be preferred. Often tests will show that 8 of the ten people will immediately choose the Desi variety opposed to the standard milk, while one will be on the fence. This should serve as a pretty good indicator for stores that are curious about the impact of introducing this type of dairy product into their stores for sale. When it comes right down to it, the Desi entries are easy to sell due to the healthy living movement that is sweeping the nation.

If you are looking for a quality of life change for the better, you should look into the small things as much as you do exercise. One of the best chances will be in what you eat, and you can improve this portion of your life with Desi milk.

Importance of Desi Milk

Do you know what exactly desi milk is? The milk obtained from desi cows who are mostly fed up with the fodder been grown on chemical-free soil, & that has not been injected with the hormones and antibiotics. This process ensured that milk of such cows is completely free from the residues that include adulterants, pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizers, and hormones.

Though, to be finally pure & fresh, the milk needs to be obtained from the farm that has absolute control over their desi cow’s health, feed, & their production of pure milk. However, if the milk has been collected from several farms, it is much complicated to maintain a particular level of quality and standards.

The desi cow Milk is also recognized as A2 Milk & possesses a large number of advantages that improve health.  Moreover, it slows down the overall procedure of aging & makes voice soft and musical. Desi cow milk is outstanding for health & aids in lowering down the bad cholesterol. This Milk doesn’t cause any blockage & contains high nutritional values. Furthermore, it contains various essential Vitamin A2, E, & D with Omega 3.

Desi milk is healthier, tastes better, and fosters a natural and stress-free state for the cows that produce it. Many people who drink milk that is from a Desi dairy feel that it is well worth paying more for this product as is significantly superior to the alternative.

Final Verdict

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