Why Is Milk Essential for Our Body?

Why Is Milk Essential for Our Body?

The milk is a food that contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. It is one of the most complete foods known to man. In fact, it has accompanied our history since the hunter man became a breeder to get meat more easily. From the first small flocks of goats and sheep he learned to collect milk for an immediate family use only. Over time it had the need to conserve milk production which exceeded daily consumption.

The right amount of milk and dairy products

Milk and dairy products must be part of a healthy and balanced diet, if consumed in the right quantity. Milk and its derivatives are considered the key foods of the Mediterranean diet.

For this reason, their intake is strongly recommended, in the context of balanced nutrition, for all age groups. The important thing is not to overdo the doses. If taken in excess, like any other food, it limits the variety of the diet, which is the most important principle of proper nutrition.

The recommended consumption is about two 125 ml portions per day for milk / yogurt and 2/3 portions per week of cheese. We can certainly break a spear in favor of fermented products. Like Kefìr, yoghurt and intensely fermented cheeses such as gorgonzola. Both for the content of probiotics content, both for the content in fermentation products of which we are discovering the positive health effects.

Can those who are lactose intolerant consume dairy products?

In most cases intolerant people do not have problems with small quantities of milk contained in a food preparation. About 12.5 mg of lactose / day. It is to subjects like these that milk and dairy products with reduced amounts of lactose are addressed. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health recently authorized to label products in which the residual sugar content is less than 0.1 g / 100g or 0.5 g / respectively as “naturally lactose-free” or “low lactose-free” 100g, as in the case of fermented milks or cheeses subjected to a long seasoning. Unfortunately, many today are promoting lactose-free diets or other elements that are expected to have beneficial effects on many diseases. But that have no scientific basis.

What have we learned

Milk is an absolutely essential food in all ages of life. It is advisable not to use cow’s milk until the year. Then it becomes important that in the diet there is always an adequate supply of milk or derivatives to cover the need for calcium, with required for bone growth. An adequate supply of calcium therefore allows you to have bones that remain healthy for as long as possible.