Why is Glass Bottle Packaging essential for the Cow Milk Home Delivery

Why is Glass Bottle Packaging essential for the Cow Milk Home Delivery?

Do you know why at The Cow Milk we strictly use glass bottle packaging for home delivery? It’s environment-friendly. It’s recyclable. It guards your health against the harmful effects of plastic.

Various researches have time and again proved about the presence of harmful toxins in plastics which often lead to health disorders such as infertility and cancer in humans. Plastic bottles may especially contain Bisphenol (a polycarbonate) which is one of the main causes of cancer. Even though high-quality plastic bottles are expensive, many firms delivering cow milk claim them to be degradable. However, these plastic bottles are actually procured from local vendors who often don’t maintain quality. As per EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), 71% of plastic bottles are non-recyclable. Ironically, it takes thousands of years for plastic bottles to biodegrade and during the process, they emit toxic chemicals in the environment. Hence, it’s proven that milk quality is highly affected by the container quality. Even the taste and storage of milk is affected.

On the contrary, if the cow milk is stored and packaged in glass bottles, the quality and taste remain intact. Besides, as compared to plastic bottles milk can be stored for a longer duration in the glass bottles. With the rising awareness about health and environmental safety, people are increasingly adopting The Cow Milk as their preferred home delivery partners.

By introducing glass bottles for the delivery of cow milk at your doorstep, we have taken an important step towards reducing the carbon footprints of the environment and implementing green practices at our end. Glass bottles have innumerable benefits. They are used, returned, and reused until their lives have perished. Once their life cycle is complete, they can again be re-manufactured without any decline in quality. Unlike plastic bottles, they neither absorb nor release any kind of substance while storing milk hence they can be easily sterilized.

Since ages, using glass bottles for storing milk and feeding children was an intrinsic part of Indian culture. At The Cow Milk, we continuously strive to bring back the goodness of Indian culture for the advantage of our customers. Milk-fed to infants in glass bottles has zero side effects and stays warm for a longer time, causing zero health threats to children.

Due to the rise in global warming, the Government of India has launched various awareness campaigns to ban the use of plastic in many metro cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, etc. We recommend you to switch to The Cow Milk for online home delivery of milk in Gurgaon and enjoy the taste and goodness of fresh and healthy milk at your doorstep.