Where to Buy A2 milk in Gurgaon?

Where to Buy A2 milk in Gurgaon?

Cow’s milk is of two types first are A1 milk, and the other is A2 milk. A1 milk obtained from different breed cows such as Holstein and Jersey. A2 milk obtained from desi cows such as Gir and Sahiwal. Both A1 and A2 milk contains beta-casein protein. But A1 milk contains A1 beta-casein, which is not suitable for kid’s health. Comparatively, A2 milk in Gurgaon contains A2 beta-casein protein, which is healthier for kids. Thus, A2 milk is the ideal option for the kids to consume.

A2 milk contains colostrum which is present in mother’s milk, so it is the best milk to consume after mother’s milk. Colostrum contains proteins and antibodies, which makes the baby healthy. Drinking A2 milk provides several benefits to kids. A2 milk contains several vital nutrients that benefits kids in several manners. Some of the A2 milk nutrients include calcium, vitamin B, Phosphorous, potassium, and vitamin D.

What are the benefits of consuming A2 Milk in Gurgaon by DesiMoo?

A2 milk is extremely demanded liquid. The A2 milk offered by DesiMoo incorporates Vitamin D, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants, which helps humans. Let’s check out the benefits of drinking A2 milk in Gurgaon offered by DesiMoo:

Strong Teeth and Bones

DesiMoo offers A2 milk, which helps in strengthening bones and teeth. This is due to the reason as it is enriched with essential nutrients and calcium.

Loss of Weight

Research has been shown that A2 milk results in weight loss. Moreover, A2 milk consumption prevents hunger due to the presence of protein and calories. Additionally, it has metabolic and proteins that supply energy and make individuals active. However, high metabolism results in weight loss.

Make Heart Healthy

A2 milk has the presence of Omega 3, which is obtained from the desi cow. Moreover, this ultimately depends on the cow where they graze. The Omega 3 fatty acid contains cholesterol, which helps in keeping the heart-healthy as well as safe from different diseases such as strokes and attacks.

Prevent Diabetes

A2 milk contains every essential mineral like Vitamin B, which helps in the body to function correctly and process food accurately. However, it controls glucose level and insulin. 

Some other benefits of drinking A2 milk in Gurgaon for kids:
  •   Provides A2 beta-casein protein of high amount that keeps the body of kid healthy
  •   Presence of calcium which is essential for teeth and bones growth
  •   Offers healthy fat for the growth as well as energy
  •   Does not contain any harmful chemicals and prevents kids from diseases
  •   Contains vital vitamin A and B which is fit for kids nourishment
  •   Consumption of A2 milk can maintain a healthy weight of kids and decreases type-1 diabetes risk.

How DesiMoo Process A2 Milk in Gurgaon?

Some of the activities they perform while processing of the milk:

Own Farm of 200 acres

They don’t collect the milk from farmers where health and methods of milking. They have different cows breed and their farm where trained veterinarians supervise cattle.

Perform Quality check

They follow standard check on cattle health, fodder, and procedures at the farm. A2 milk samples monitored regularly, and also they pass FSSAI accredited labs for chemicals, pesticides or other harmful content traces.

Germ-Free Milking Condition

The cattle sheds, as well as cattle at DesiMoo, are washed various times. Also, cow milking is done with the milking machine and remains untouched by hands.

Chilling before packaging

Before the packaging of milk, they chilled it at 2° C. At this temperature, the freshness of milk remains without any growth of harmful bacteria.

Milk Packaging

After the chilling of milk is done, they packed it in bottles such that cold temperatures remain for a long time. After packaging, containers are packed.

Ready for Delivery

After the packaging of milk in bottles, they are ready for delivery at the doorstep of individuals. As from the above list, it is clear that it is crucial to maintain the temperature of milk as there are not any preservatives added. Thus, they ensure to deliver milk in no time to avoid bacterial growth. The area where the cow is milked, the person who does it and container are all under the best hygienic conditions. They ensure to take care of all the aspects. At DesiMoo, they have trained and experienced professionals who understand cattle needs before, during and after milking.

Some other reasons to choose DesiMoo for buying A2 milk in Gurgaon:
Natural and Healthy

A2 milk at DesiMoo is produced naturally without the use of any antibiotics or hormone injections. The cows at their Farm are feed with fodder without any chemical content.


The milk delivered by them is unprocessed to conserve minerals and vitamins available in A2 milk.

Free Doorstep Delivery

Deliver fresh, hygienic and unadulterated A2 directly doorstep of individuals for free. 


To maintain the freshness of A2 milk, we at DesiMoo chilled it at 2-degree centigrade.


DesiMoo desi cow milk is obtained from grass-fed cows and is overall healthy.

No Preservatives and adulterants

The A2 milk produced by the cows at DesiMoo is unadulterated and does not contain any preservatives.  We make sure that the milk is safe by chilling it.

Completely Fresh and Pure

At DesiMoo, we offer completely natural and pure A2 milk in Gurgaon with the use of organic process and nature-friendly environment.


Consuming A1 milk? Then, switch to A2 milk is Gurgaon offered by DesiMoo and feel different!

Lastly, drink A2 milk that brings both health as well as nutritional value. Also, it tastes better. At DesiMoo, we obtain pure and fresh cow milk from Desi cow breeds. We are an ideal choice for individuals who want to get rid of every digestive issue. 

Do you want desi cow milk at your doorstep? Then contact us and get it at your door for free. We aim to satisfy customers with the milk we offer. We never compromise on the quality of A2 milk which we offer.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our website and order A2 milk in Gurgaon today!