A2 Ghee A Boon for Human Health

What is A2 Ghee and Benefits of A2 Ghee for Human Health

A2 Ghee is pure desi ghee, prepared from the native Gir cow’s milk. A2 Ghee is said to be one of the healthiest and tastiest ghee. Since ancient times, there has been a major participation of A2 ghee in dietary, lifestyle, and medicinal purposes.

Ghee is a favorite dish for many Indians. Be it serving with rice and daal, or cooking vegetables in it, ghee is supposed to be an important ingredient in Indian households. So, when it is preferred so much, why not use A2 ghee in place of regular ghee?

In this article, we will discuss A2 ghee in detail. Have a read.

What is A2 ghee?

Gir cows produce A2 milk which contains A2 beta-casein protein. This A2 milk is much healthier and is used to make A2 ghee. Since the time of ancient India, A2 ghee has been a vital ingredient in many foods. This ghee is recommended by Hindu Shastras and is used for ayurvedic purposes.  

What is the Bilona method?

Bilona is the traditional method of making ghee. In this process, cow’s milk is boiled and cooled. After that, a spoonful of curd is added to that milk which is then kept at room temperature overnight. The curd is then churned to extract butter from it.

The butter thus obtained is then boiled till the water evaporates leaving behind pure ghee. However, this process is quite slow. Therefore, in today’s date, very few brands follow this process.

Preparation of A2 ghee

  1. The preparation of A2 ghee is a slow but effective process that involves the culturing and fermenting of 50 litres of A2 milk into curd.
  1. The curd is then hand-churned using a wooden churner to obtain butter. This process is known as the “Bilona process”.
  1. This butter is then shimmered and heated in a heavy-bottomed vessel using cow dung cake to finally obtain the A2 ghee.

Benefits of A2 ghee

The benefits of A2 ghee are many. Have a read here:

  1. Helps in digestion:

One of the main benefits of A2 ghee is that it improves and strengthens the digestive system. Due to the lower chain of fatty acids, A2 ghee is easier to absorb and also helps in the secretion of certain enzymes.

People having a weaker digestive system should eat A2 ghee for an easier and better breakdown of the food. Consuming a spoon of A2 ghee with lukewarm water daily can even clear your bowels and cure constipation.

  1. Balances weight:

Whether you want to gain or lose weight, A2 ghee can help you in both cases. The Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in A2 ghee can increase the metabolic rate and help in reducing weight and fat on the stomach.  

A2 ghee also helps in lowering insulin resistance, thereby preventing the chance of diabetes.

  1. Nourishes your body:

A2 ghee is very beneficial for children. It nourishes their body, leading to healthy development and strengthening of bones, brain, muscle, teeth, etc. of your children. It also supplies instant energy.

  1. Helps in bone development:

A2 ghee enhances bone strength and stamina. Consuming A2 ghee regularly can help in the proper functioning of the sensory organs. It also helps in enhancing wisdom, memory, and intellect.

  1. Increases bone density:

Having A2 ghee can increase bone density, thereby increasing the overall body mass. A2 ghee does not let the fat accumulate in the body.

  1. Maintains eye health:

A mixture of flour paste when mixed with A2 ghee can be applied around the eyes to strengthen eyesight.

  1. Reduces bladder pain:

A teaspoon of A2 ghee every morning can ease the pain of the bladder. A2 ghee with garlic cloves can treat chronic fever.

  1. Protects arteries:

Vitamin K2 in A2 ghee can reduce the deposition of calcium in the arteries. Protected arteries can improve the functioning of the heart and boosts good blood cholesterol levels.

  1. Heals wounds:

A2 ghee can also help in treating external wounds, thereby enhancing a speedy recovery.

  1. Promotes a healthy pregnancy:

Consuming A2 ghee during pregnancy can nourish the body and provide natural vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to women for the healthy growth and development of the baby.  

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