Common Questions About Milk

Top Five Common Questions About Milk With Answer

Milk is the healthiest drink taken commonly in every household. Highly rich in calcium and other minerals, milk is said to be a complete food. Yet there are questions about milk that need to be answered. 

In this article, we have covered the top five common questions about milk. So, grab a cup of milk and read out to find the answer to your question.

Common Questions About Milk

  1. Is There Fat In Milk?

Yes, milk contains a good amount of fat to keep us healthy. Fat is needed by our body for producing energy and to facilitate the absorption of some nutrients. You can choose from a variety of milk to suit your caloric needs, be it whole, low-fat, or fat-free.

But remember, when following a 2000 calorie plan, an adult should not consume more than 20 grams of saturated fat per day. To maintain the calorie content, use A2 milk Whole in your coffee and use A2 milk Fat-Free in your breakfast.

  1. Is Milk Rich In Protein?

You might be knowing about the differences between A1 and A2 beta-casein protein but do you know how important is the consumption of proteins in milk? The proteins in milk contain all the nine essential amino acids required for healthy human development. 

According to some studies, the protein in milk can help to prevent cardiovascular disease, can lead to the healthy functioning of the immune system, and also balance the blood pressure.

  1. What Is Homogenized Milk?

Homogenization is the process to give the milk a smooth and creamy consistency. In this process, fat content gets broken and distributed evenly. As a result, milk becomes extra smooth in texture.

Milk that has not been homogenized will form a thick layer of cream at the top when kept still. Homogenized milk is preferred more because of its even consistency, making it more delicious and richer in nutrition.

  1. Is A2 Milk Real Milk?

Yes A2 milk is produced from dairy cows and is a rich source of A2 protein. GFO farming is a leading producer of A2 milk. Cows at our farms are fed the healthiest organic fodder and produce purest A2 milk.

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  1. How Can I Add Milk In My Diet Without Drinking It?

Some people are not fond of drinking plain milk but knowing the benefits milk offers, you must add it to your diet. Thankfully, there are several forms in which milk can be incorporated into your diet. 

Try making homemade ice cream or have it in coffee. Take it with cereals or use it as a base for a creamy soup for dinner.


A2 milk is highly beneficial for your health and knowing the benefits it offers to you, will you not add milk to your diet?

Browse a variety of A2 milk and its by-products being offered by GFO farming. Have any queries or want to start a subscription of healthy A2 milk, contact us.