Top Benefits of the Cow Milk for Senior Citizens

Top Benefits of the Cow Milk for Senior Citizens

As ageing progresses, the health nutrients start depleting in human body. Hence, it’s extremely important to provide body the required nourishment on daily basis. The pure, fresh, and natural cow milk is one of the healthiest dietary options for the elderly people to fulfill their daily nutrient needs for proper functioning of the body besides providing regular strength. Some of the benefits of the Cow Milk are mentioned below:

Ideal Heartburn Treatment

Suffering from heartburn due to spicy, greasy, and heavy food is a common ailment for elderly people. A glass of cold cow milk is a quick cure to reduce the heartburn and acid reflux. Regular consumption can reduce the heartburn problem as the milk coats the esophagus to neutralize acid to prevent burning and the damage of soft tissues.

Potassium deficiency

The imbalance of potassium deficiency and high sodium leads to major health risks such as high blood pressure problems. Popularly known as “Silent Killer” it is one of the common diseases among the old people. It also escalates the risk of kidney diseases, heart attack and stroke. Increasing the potassium intake in regular diet and decreasing salt can help in mitigating the risk as well as balance the dietary nutrients in the body.

For Strong Bones

Calcium and Vitamin D are the two important nutrients required for maintaining strong bones. Elderly people are majorly at the risk of developing osteoporosis which reduces the risk of fractures in body. They also need daily dose of Vitamin D to ensure calcium is properly absorbed by the body. The Cow Milk is one of the best sources of both Calcium & Vitamin D to help them in maintaining strong and sturdy bones.

Muscle Health

The cow milk contains ample protein required for elderly people for maintaining muscle health in the body. It’s regular consumption repairs and rebuilds muscles and provides necessary strength for day to day activities.

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