Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To The Cow Milk

For ages, cow’s milk is known as one of the most nutritious drinks for people of all age groups. It is an excellent source of calcium, protein, minerals, multiple vitamins, and iodine. The nutrients present in cow milk are essential for brain development, muscle growth, development of teeth, and bones. The whey and casein present in the cow milk lower down the blood pressure and the protein acts as the powerhouse of energy.

However, off late milk adulteration i.e. the addition of harmful chemicals such as fertilizers, starch, acid, soaps, formalin, etc. has destroyed the nutrient value of milk making it unsafe and hazardous for consumption. To enjoy the complete nutrition value of the cow milk, it is important that cow milk is 100% natural, pure, fresh, and produced from happy and healthy cattle. The Cow Milk is one such company that offers 100% natural, pure, fresh, and chemical-free milk produced from high breed cows at a company-owned farm.

Top 5 reasons why you should switch to THE COW MILK-

Happy & Healthy Cows

We keep our cows in a hygienic and healthy environment. They are fed with natural green fodder which is grown organically at our farm. The cows roam around freely at lush green company-owned farms, get maximum sun exposure to ensure they get enough Vitamin D from a natural source, and naturally produce milk twice every day. They aren’t injected with any Bovine hormones thereby keeping milk 100% safe and natural.

Eco-friendly packaging

We deliver milk in eco-friendly glass bottles to keep its freshness, nutrients, purity intact. Besides glass bottle packaging also keeps the harmful effects of chemicals at bay.

100% pure and natural milk

We use an automated milking process, in-line pasteurization, and contactless packaging which eliminates human touch and any kind of danger of contamination and adulteration.

Daily Lab test

We conduct multiple lab tests to reinforce our commitment to providing 100% unadulterated and natural milk.

Fresh from farm to home

We maintain a robust supply cold chain. Since the milk is produced directly at our farm it eliminates the need for any middleman chain ensuring that the milk temperature is maintained below 4°C throughout the supply chain. The milk is delivered within the healthiest and purest form within a couple of hours of milk production.

We deliver the best cow milk in Gurgaon which is completely fresh, pure, natural, and chemical-free. The Cow Milk Home Delivery In Gurgaon is available free of cost and delivered inflexible schedules at your convenience.