The Best Container for Milk Storage

The Best Container for Milk Storage

Plastic packaging and storage containers have an adverse effect on the quality of cow milk. The plastic leaches many toxins which when mixed with the milk causes harmful effects on the body. It often leads to disorders such as infertility and cancer in humans. Low quality plastic bottles have the polycarbonate Bisphenol  A which causes cancer. Even though many manufacturers claim that their milk bottles are degradable however that’s not the truth. EPA claims that 71% of plastic cannot be recycled and it takes thousands of years for plastic bottles to biodegrade, emitting harmful chemicals in the air and soil. This causes long-term harmful effects on the environment. Plastic packaging or storage also affects the quality, taste, and storage of cow milk.

Looking at the harmful effects of plastic packaging, glass bottles are preferred to store and deliver milk. The glass bottles don’t leak any harmful toxins and they also maintain the taste and quality of milk. Besides, it is also stored for a longer duration in glass bottles as compared to plastic bottles. Even people are becoming increasingly aware of the harmful effects of plastic bottles and packaging. A survey reveals that people are now switching towards the companies delivering cow milk in glass bottles.

The current Pandemic affecting people’s overall health worldwide has also taught hard lessons related to health and fitness to everyone. They have become more aware of the health and environment and check the facts and side effects of all the products before making a purchase.

The idea of using glass bottles is to promote the concept of reducing, reuse, and recycle to save the environment. Glass bottles are returned by customers so it reduces the manufacturing of new bottles also promoting their reuse multiple times. And further, when they are recycled, they can be re-manufactured without any compromise on quality. Also, it’s easier to sterilize glass bottles.

During our ancestor’s time, infants were fed in glass bottles as the milk has zero side effects and also remain warm for a longer duration. It is highly recommended to feed children in glass bottles.

Looking at the adverse effect of global warming, the Government of India has also taken concrete steps in reducing the usage of plastic by initiating a plastic ban in many cities across India.

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