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Healthy Desi Cow Milk For Strong bones and sharp mind that every Indian deserves.




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At Green Field Organic, we select right breed of Desi cows that naturally produce A2 milk rich in A2 beta-casein protein. Milk offered by us is free from chemicals and preservatives. We are an ideal choice for individuals of all ages.

So, choosing us means availing pure milk at the best price! A2 milk for Desi Cows eliminates digestive comfort and enhances overall health and nutritional value.

At Green Field Organic, we believe that healthy cows produce more milk. Thus, we feed our cows with fresh fodder and keep them in hygienic environment. A2 milk or dairy products obtained from us is of pure quality and safe for every age group. Also we maintain freshness by packaging milk within minutes after milking.

Choosing us means getting fresh and pure A2 milk at your doorstep!

Natural taste from the farm!


100% Natural & Organic

We offer 100% Organic A2 Milk produced from pure Desi cow breed straight from our farms!


Healthier Lifestyle

Pamper yourself with chemical-free A2 Milk produced whole solely without any touch of fertilizers or pesticides.


Green Field Organic offers pure A2 milk of Desi indigenous Cows. We are known to offer pure, delicious, organic milk fresh from farms to your doorsteps! The journey of Green Field Organic starts with the intention of offering superior quality desi cow milk and milk products. We deliver 100% pure, healthy and nutrition-rich dairy products from cows raised with proper care and nourishment. Our dairy products are free from harmful preservatives and other chemicals offering nutritious and tasty pure desi milk.


Fresh from the farms

At Green Field Organic, we believe in serving our worthy customers with fresh and nutritious dairy products.


Healthy Cattle

We not only pamper our customers but also our Cows!

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