Relevance of Cow Milk during COVID Times

Relevance of Cow Milk during COVID Times

When the COVID storm took the entire world by surprise, none of us was spared from its ill effects. Our lifestyles were disrupted, jobs were lost, and businesses were shut down. Among the many industries affected due to COVID, the dairy industry has somehow managed to stay afloat and has continued to fulfill the nutrients-needs of the nation. The dairy industry also got a certain advantage owing to several people switching to a vegetarian diet from a meat-based diet during the pandemic period. The government has been taking several measures to ensure the complete functionality of the dairy sector. There is one simple reason for the importance of this sector- the irreplaceable nutritional value of milk and dairy products.

According to a recent study, human beings have been consuming cow’s milk as a part of their diet for at least 8000 years. There are several reasons why cow milk is such a popular food item among the so many civilizations all over the world for centuries. The most important of them is the high nutrient value of the cow’s milk. Cow milk is packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and lipids.

Dairy products including milk, yogurt and cheese are rich in a number of nutrients such as proteins, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins A, B2, B3 and B12. Other nutrients like zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 are also present in small quantities in these products.

The presence of all the nutrients in the cow’s milk makes it the ideal food for children and adults alike. It helps the children to grow faster and stronger and helps to keep the adults energized throughout the day. It also keeps our bones and teeth healthy. Besides these common health benefits offered by the cow’s milk, its relevance has increased manifolds during the present pandemic times.

We all are aware of how dangerous the corona virus is. With it being declared airborne in recent times, there are very limited ways left to protect ourselves from this deadly virus. In addition to the regular measures of maintaining social distance and hygiene, increasing our immunity is a must-way of saving ourselves from falling in the grip of this highly communicable disease. Since most of the life losses due to COVID were the people who were already suffering from some health condition beforehand, doctors advise people to better their immunity to keep contracting the virus which seems to be everywhere.

The best way of increasing immunity is through pure cow milk. The cells of our immune system need glucose, amino acids and fats, along with several vitamins and minerals to develop fast. Amino acids from protein are also a key component to develop a strong immune system. On the other hand, vitamins like A, C, D and E protect the immunity cells from free radicals. The presence of all these nutrients in the cow’s milk makes it the perfect food to develop a strong immune system.

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