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Milk is one of the most staple and healthiest diet products consumed worldwide. While cows are a primary source from where organic milk is produced, it is indispensable to give the cattle a favorable condition where they can live and lead a healthy life. 

We at GFO farming ensure that our cows are kept adhering to the regulations of organic farming. We provide them the necessary food and nutrition that ensures that the cattle are healthy and disease-free. 

Furthermore, we either make these cows graze on natural meadows or bring the haystack and grass to their stables. We take care of their health by arranging timely visits by the veterinary doctor and run a regular checkup.

The grasses and hay fed to our animals are chemical-free and are grown using a pure and organic method. The natural feeding process for our animals ensures that the quality of the milk originated from them has the best quality. 

GFO Quality Control Analysis

We have a full-fledged team working to keep the quality of our products under strict vigilance. The group runs a thorough check on the materials used to feed the cows. They are approved only when the raw materials are 100% organic and chemical-free. 

The organic cow milk that is produced is kept under strict vigilance for quality checks. The team ensures that no preservatives are added to the milk and is purely organic. Even when it comes to the choosing of cattle, we have the highest quality cattle that are healthy inside out. 

Why Is Organic Milk Important?

When you have infants in your house, keeping milk in stock at all times becomes a necessity. However, with the processed and organic milk in Delhi sold in the market, nutrition is compromised to a great extent. With a growing baby, we can never risk the amount and quality of nourishment that goes inside their body. 

When a child is given a proper diet filled with essential nutrition, they grow fast and healthy. Giving your child/infant organic cow milk ensures that they get one of the crucial fatty components, Omega-3, in their body. 

This very component helps to develop the child’s overall nervous system and brain. Having a healthy brain and nervous system regulates the overall healthy functioning of the body, especially in a growing child. 

At GFO, we ensure that the organic cow milk that we produce on our farms has Omega-3 and is sent to your homes without any additives. 

Quality And Testing At GFO

As we mentioned, the quality of every product produced as organic goods is kept under a strict check. Similarly, the organic milk produced at GFO is tested in laboratories. Before the milk is sold to our customers, the samples are taken into the lab to check their quality. 

Our organic milk in Delhi is tested for any additive or preservative, and its nutritional value is determined. The organic dairy produced at GFO goes through several laboratory tests. The tests that are run on them are contact-free and safe. The equipment used at our laboratory is of the highest quality and is highly secure to use. The tests are run only by experienced experts. 

Main Aim Of GFO

Our main aim at GFO farming is to provide everyone with the best quality of organic food. Be it fruits and vegetables or organic milk and dairy products; we want people to have only the best for themselves. 

Our quality-controlled organic farming method ensures to produce the best organic raw materials for food using only the best pieces of equipment for farming. From the soil analysis to having the best and the lightest quality of cattle, we do it all to maintain the nutritional quality of products.

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