Looking For The Best A2 Cow Milk Supplier in Gurgaon

Looking For The Best A2 Cow Milk Supplier in Gurgaon

The A2 Cow Milk demand has witnessed an upsurge in past few years. It is regarded as the purest type of organic milk. Besides, it’s the powerhouse of A2 Beta Casein protein and Colostrum whose benefits are similar to human mother’s milk. It includes various health benefits. The regular consumption of A2 Milk can redefine your health and lifestyle in the future. The A2 Cow Milk is thicker and has better quality as compared to A1 Milk making it a perfect health supplement for your family including children and senior citizens.

There are limited suppliers of A2 Cow milk and DesiMoo is undoubtedly the best A2 cow Milk supplier in Gurgaon. The company is formed with the commitment to supply high quality fresh and natural A2 Cow Milk to the consumers. Some of the reasons

Happy and Healthy Cattle

The company supplies farm-fresh, pure, natural, and unaltered organic A2 milk which is milked from high breed Gir cows. Several types of research have proved that a healthy and happy cow produces good quality milk hence we make sure to take the utmost care of our cattle. The cows are nurtured with care and reverence. They are fed with organically grown farm food, clean water, and kept in a cool and hygienic environment. No special supplements or medicines are fed to them to alter their milk so that milk procured and supplied is in its purest form. We have appointed an in-house doctor for the upkeep of our cattle and monitor their health on a 24/7 basis.

The Process

The cows are milked with automated machines without any direct human contact at 4 AM in the morning under hygienic conditions. The machines used for this process are bio-secure that ensure safe and hygienic procurement of milk. As soon as the milk is procured, it is stored in glass bottles in a cold chain. The milk is then stored at a temperature of 4°C to cool it down and maintain its freshness.

Quality Assurance

Regular quality checks and purity tests are done to maintain the quality consistency of the milk. The cattle udder is regularly cleaned to ensure the quality and purity of milk is maintained while milking.

Eco-friendly packaging

The milk is delivered in eco-friendly glass bottles and are regularly sanitized to ensure it is free from any kind of germ or bacteria.

Free doorstep delivery

Free early morning contactless delivery at your doorstep.

Curated to promote healthy dietary habits, DesiMoo is playing an important role in helping India adapt a healthy lifestyle. Book a trial online to taste the goodness of health.