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How Fresh Cow Milk Helps in Building Stronger Immunity?

Cow’s milk and milk derivatives provide essential inorganic elements for the human body and are the most important source of bioavailable calcium in the diet. Protein, calcium, phosphorus, or B vitamins are just some of the nutritional properties of cow’s milk, a food that does not have to be removed from the diet if you do not suffer intolerance.

We generically call milk the one that comes from the cow, since it is the most consumed worldwide. Milk is one of the most complete foods that we can find. It must be like this since we are talking about the only thing that the young of mammals feed on during the first stage of life.

What is Cow Milk made of?

Milk is made up of fat, protein, lactose and water. Milk proteins are very complete since they contain the eight essential amino acids in correct proportions. Among them, casein is the most abundant and essential for fixing calcium in the body. It also contains very important group B vitamins during the growth stage of children. Its richness in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D has made it ideal and traditionally recommended for the proper development and maintenance of bones and teeth.

On the other hand, it provides us with lactose, which is the main sugar in the milk of almost all mammals, and which behaves like a carbohydrate that generates energy, exerting a beneficial effect on the intestinal absorption of calcium and magnesium.

Keep in mind that, in skimmed milk, part of the fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K) is removed during the process.

Cook with milk

The sweet taste of milk makes it pleasant for raw consumption, whether cold, warm or hot. For this reason it is highly appreciated for confectionery and pastry making, although it also has its place in salty recipes.

Custard, custard, or cakes, the base of these desserts (and many others) is milk. Whether we want to make pastry creams for a filling, or if we want to make finer creams for toppings or some creamy ice creams, this ingredient is essential.

In salty dishes, the use of milk is less common, since a derivative with a higher fat content is used instead: cream. However, many of the dishes that are made with cream can be prepared with milk, the trick is to add a little egg yolk so that the mixture sets.

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