How A2 Cow Breeds Differ from A1 Cow Breeds?

How A2 Cow Breeds Differ from A1 Cow Breeds?

 Considering the present scenario, majorly, there are two types of cows breed producing two different kinds of milk. First is A2 cow breeds another one is A1 cow breeds. A2 cow breeds are also known as desi cows. However, the A1 cow breeds are known as HF cows. However, milk is one of the excellent sources of A2 protein. There are two kinds of protein found in milk such as Whey and Casein. However, the A2 casein protein is of two type’s alpha and beta-casein protein. Moreover, in India, A2 milk churns from A2 cow breeds.

However, it is a fact that the HF cow breed produces more milk as compared to the desi cows. But, there is recent research done which shows that milk obtained from the desi cow is healthy for humans than a1 cow. A2 cow breeds produce A2 milk, which is free of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and any hormones. Thus, the dairy products by the desi cows are only created for the spiritual and social benefit of humans since ancient times.

But, with an increase in demand for cow milk, the production of milk has been raise by HF and desi cows.

Benefits of Consuming A2 cow breeds

There are various benefits of consuming A2 cow breeds milk rather than selecting A1 cow milk. Well A2 cow breed offers A2 milk, and A1 cow breed offers A1 milk. The A2 cow breeds include Gir, Sahiwal, Rathi, Hariana, Rathi, and others. In India, cattle farming done not just to produce dairy products but for the spiritual wellness of cows.

The A1 cow breeds incorporate Jersey cow, Holstein Friesian, Angus, Danish Red, and Murray. However, cattle farming nowadays has become an integral part of agriculture, and both A1 cow breed and A2 cow breeds are differently engaged in it.

However, most popular a1 cow breeds are Ayrshire and Jersey cows. But unlike, A2 cow breeds, milk of HF cows is not healthy. But, the only advantage of A1 cow is the milk quantity they produce. Moreover, there are several types of research which show that desi cows are highly valuable as compared to HF cows.

Difference Among A1 cow breed and A2 Cow Breeds

The A1 cow breeds sought breeds and natives of the Netherlands. A1 cows know for producing quantity milk. But A2 cow breeds recognized for providing pure and nutritious milk. Well A2 Milk widely recognized due to its several benefits.

Some of the difference among A2 Cow Breed and A1 Cow Breed

Primary Difference

Desi Cow Breed: The a2 milk produced by desi cow has amino acid-like as proline, which mixed with other amino acids called isoleucine. Thus, this amino acid is perfect for fighting several diseases like asthma, joint pain, mental disorder, etc.

A1 Cow: The milk churned from A1 cows has dangerous chemicals such as casomorphine. Due to this chemical, it is hugely responsible for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart strokes.

A1 and A2 milk

A2 Cow breed: In India, there is not any standardization and categorization of milk. But still, two kinds of cows produce two different types of milk. The desi cow produces A2 milk, which is perfect for the human health.

A1 Cow Breed: The milk churned by A1 cow recognized as A1 milk. Meanwhile, you might be surprised to know that the milk of A1 cow can cause several health issues to a human being for a long time and cannot cure.


Desi Cow Breed: The A2 cow breeds have hump available on their back, which known for absorbing Vitamin D from sunray and then releases it in milk. Well, due to this, A2 milk has Vitamin D.

HF Cows: The HF cows mean A1cow breeds do not have a hump on their back.


Desi Cow Breed: The milk obtained from these cow breeds has Omega 2, which can clean cholesterol from the blood vessel. Moreover, Omega 3 helps in releasing lousy cholesterol from the body and increases cholesterol levesl.

HF Cow: The HF cows do not release any cholesterol. However, they are known to enhance bad cholesterol in the blood vessel.


Desi Cows: The desi cow ultimately maintains cleanliness and smart enough of not sitting at a place not clean. However, they can adapt themselves as per climate and weather conditions.

HF Cows: These kinds of cows recognize as the lazy ones, and they can easily catch the diseases. Moreover, they caught infections quickly and did not even maintain hygiene.

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Medicinal Values

A2 Cow Breed: These cows’ breeds have extreme therapeutic value. Moreover, these kinds of cows have cerebrosides available in their milk. This cerebroside can enhance brain power, body immunity, and prevent from harmful radiation. Not just the A2 milk by desi cow is healthy, but all the dairy products from their milk contain some medicinal values. However, the outcomes of them used in Punchgavya Chikitsa to cure disease.

HF Cows: This cow breeds milk does not contain any medicinal values.

Organic Farming

A2 Cow Breeds: The dung of these cow breeds utilized for organic farming.

HF Cows: The dung of these cow breeds cannot be used for organic farming as they are not healthy.

Energy Absorption

Desi Cows: These desi Indian cows can store energy from the sun via their hump and transfer their energy in dung, milk, and urine.

HF Cows: The A1 breed cows or HF cows cannot absorb energy from the sun. Moreover, they keep themselves away from sun rays.


I hope, this blog has aware you of A2 cow breeds and A1 cow breed. Well, both breeds are different and produce A2 milk and A1 milk, respectively. However, it is a fact that the milk by A2 cow breeds is exceptionally nutritious and healthy for the human body. Moreover, it can cure several diseases, such as type-1 diabetes. Additionally, it is an alternative to mother milk. If you want to consume A2 cow breed milk, then buy A2 milk from DesiMoo online and stay healthy!