Health Benefits Of Cow Cheese

Unlocking The Health Benefits of Cow Cheese

Summary: This article features everything you need to know about cow cheese, from the facts to the benefits. 

Cheese is undeniably one of the most loved foods around the globe and is consumed in a number of ways. Some people like to have it raw while others like to have it like sprinkles on their food. Being a perfect combination of taste wrapped with the goodness of health, cheese is liked by all. However these days, people have become more concerned about their health and are having doubts about cheese. And if you too have any such doubt, this article is for you. Just dive in.

Cheese- A Superfood?

Any food which is beneficial or is extremely healthy for our body is said to be a superfood and cheese perfectly fits in this definition. According to studies, men and women aged from 19-50 years should consume at least 1000 mg of calcium a day and one ounce of cheese can provide 20% of this daily requirement.

One Ounce of Cow Cheese Contains:

  • 120 Calories.
  • 10g of Fat, including 6g of Saturated Fatty Acid.
  • 0g of Carbohydrate.
  • 7g of Protein.
  • 200mg of Calcium.
  • 400 units of Vitamin A.
  • 30mg of Cholesterol.
  • 190mg of Sodium. 

Health Benefits of Cow Cheese

Cheese is a great source of calcium and other nutrients. Here are some of the benefits you must know about using cheese:

  1. Enhances Bone Health:

Cheese is rich in calcium, protein, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, D, and K which means it can contribute to healthy bone development in children and young adults, thereby helping to prevent osteoporosis.

  1. Enhances Dental Health:

Calcium as we all know plays an important role in tooth formation and cheese is a good source of calcium, therefore cheese helps in keeping your teeth stronger and healthier.

  1. Keeps Blood Pressure In Check:

Studies show that people who consume cheese have lower blood pressure, despite some cheese being rich in fat and sodium. Calcium helps in keeping the blood pressure in check.

  1. Reduces The Risk Of Stroke:

With all the beneficial minerals and nutrients, cheese also contains potassium which controls the fluid balance in the body. Potassium helps in neutralizing the activities inside the human body, thereby reducing the risk of stroke.

  1. Improves Digestion:

The presence of phosphorus in cheese can help in digestion, excretion, and other physiological activity. It is said that cheese can provide a boost to the digestive system. 

  1. Improves Metabolism:

Cheese also contains zinc which is known to help in the metabolism of DNA & RNA and also enhances the process of digestion. 

  1. Contains Antioxidants:

People consuming cheese are at a lower risk of developing prostate cancer as cheese contains high quantities of antioxidants which helps in reducing the risk of cancer.

  1. Aids For A Healthy Weight:

People have a belief that consuming dairy products can lead to weight gain. But this is not true. Dairy products like cheese can help in improving the overall health of humans and also aids in losing weight.