Green Tea

Green Tea – Why Does Everyone Rave About It? Its Benefits

Your day doesn’t start without a cup of Morning Chai. One day you miss your daily dose of tea, and you are cranky all day. It’s not only the morning that you are sipping on tea. You sip tea during your snack break while meeting with clients or while addressing special guests. If you are meeting people all day, you will find yourself tea-tottling a lot of time.

Drinking a lot of tea, even if it’s beneficial for health, is not good at all times. 

  • You are more than awake. 
  • You are disrupting the balance of the chemicals in your brain. 
  • You are awake or too active, hyped with dopamine. 

You can shift to green tea if you intake too much caffeine. 

Green tea is a healthier option for tea and coffee. It has many health benefits. 

From Tea to Green Tea, Why the Shift?

For ages, we drank milk tea, coffee. About a decade ago, green tea enthusiasts started increasing, and we saw a rampant increase in green tea-ers and overflowing adverts in almost all channels. 

Why green tea, out of blue? It’s not out of blue. 

What is Green Tea? 

Green tea is your usual tea leaves and buds (Camellia sinensis) with which we have been making tea. It’s a type of tea made from tea leaves and buds that have not undergone the withering and oxidation process like your usual tea. Usual tea is in the form of dried granules, and green tea is in dried leaves form.

Green tea has been consumed for ages in several parts of the world. It’s now that people are using it as health supplements to reduce weight rather than a mind refresher.

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Benefits of Green Tea for Health 

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea not just works in driving away sleepiness, it gives a lot of health benefits too. There have been much researches done to find out the benefits of tea. Although not all of them have been strongly proved, most people believe in the health benefits of tea. There have been statistical researches where tea drinkers have shown great results than non-tea drinkers. Check some of these benefits –


Tea increases the longevity of humans. Although it is debatable, there is evidence of it. Japan is known to have the longest lifespan. There is a large number of centenarians, nonagenarians, octogenarians in Japan. And what makes these people live through two world wars, years of calamities is their diet. Japanese drink a lot of tea. A whole variety of it. 

Several reasons have increased the lifespan, but tea is also a part of it. One research with over 40,000 participants with various demographics showed positive results. Those who drank an average of 5 cups a day were less likely to die from natural causes or diseases. 

Weight Control

The latest splurge in green tea consumers is because of the claim about aiding weight loss. Consumption of fast food and carb-rich food has contributed to a generation of obesity. As an attempt to bring back the healthy balance, most health-conscious individuals are shifting to green tea. Oolong tea, matcha tea, or any tea, even if it’s bitter, is better than a regular cup of chai oozing with milk fat. With the amount of tea consumed daily, it’s obvious why weight-conscious will move to alternatives. 

Several kinds of research have been done in this area. Green tea improves the metabolism of the body and hence helps in weight control.

Improves Brain Function

When you drink a cup of tea, you feel refreshed. Even while using tea tree oil or any other tea tree product, you get a rejuvenating feel. The warm tea passes down your throat while refreshing your body and mind. 

Tea contains caffeine, a natural stimulant, to make you feel rejuvenated. Many cold drinks like coca-cola contain some about of caffeine to give a refreshing feel. Caffeine blocks adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, and helps in firing neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine. 

Don’t fret because of big words. Adenosine is a chemical in your brain that regulates your heartbeat. It is a kind of calming chemical. Dopamine is a chemical that makes you feel happy, and norepinephrine makes you excited. Drinking tea makes you refreshed because of the release of these chemicals. You feel more alert. Tea improves your vigilance, reaction time, and mood.

High in Antioxidants and Polyphenols

Green tea is high in antioxidants (or catechin) and polyphenols. Drinking regularly will increase the number of these bioactive compounds in your body and help stop many diseases.

Polyphenol is a natural compound found in tea and many other food substances like red wine, dark chocolates, berries, etc. This compound boosts digestion and improves brain health. It also protects against heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even some type of cancers.

Catechin is a type of antioxidant found in tea. It prevents cell damage and provides other health benefits.

Oxidative damage can lead to chronic inflammation. Green tea high in antioxidants and polyphenols can stop this inflammation from growing and control it. There is much ongoing research on the benefits of green tea in preventing cancer. There have been studies where women who have recovered from breast cancer have participated to see the effects of green tea. The study found a 20-30% lower risk of recurrence of cancer in these participants. 

Much similar research was conducted for prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. Both the researches showed a lower risk of recurrence or incidence of cancer. These researches showed antioxidants and similar bioactive compounds in green tea helped reduce the risk of cancer.

To get more benefits in cancer-fighting, you can try matcha tea. It has more amount of catechin. 

Stops Brain Aging

Consuming green tea regularly can improve your brain function and also protects your brain as you age. The amount of catechin improves the capacity to fight diseases. Caffeine makes you alert and improves the functioning of the brain.

While working in the office, a cup of coffee or tea boosts your mind, and you can concentrate better. It’s the caffeine present in green tea that is giving you the alert feeling. Regularly drinking such beverages can prevent age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. There are various studies in this field, and they have yielded better results.

Reduces Bad Breath

Enough with serious health benefits. Let’s focus on some very common benefits like good breath. Green tea is aromatic. You feel refreshed just from the aroma, and your breath becomes better too. 

Catechins kill bad-breath-forming bacteria (Streptococcus mutans) present in the mouth. You will have fresh breath for a long time after drinking tea. 

So, it is a better idea to keep consuming tea during important meetings. You don’t want to drive people away.

Green Tea or Matcha Tea


Green Tea or Matcha Tea

What’s the difference between matcha and green tea? Which is better – matcha or green tea? You might be wondering about this too.

Matcha tea is also derived from the same Camellia sinensis. So, what’s the difference between matcha and green tea? The difference is in the way both are made. Green tea is the dried leaves and buds of tea, whereas matcha tea is the pulverized or powder form of tea. Tea is crushed and grounded to very small particles. Matcha tea is more concentrated than green tea. It has more amount of catechins, caffeine, and other bioactive compounds because of its concentrated form.

So, which is better? Matcha tea is more concentrated than green tea. If you want better health benefits, you can move to matcha tea. It works better for reducing weight and fighting cancer.

In a Nutshell

Green tea or Matcha tea has a lot of health benefits. In a nutshell, 8 Benefits of Green Tea for Health –

  • Helps in preventing cancer
  • Improves heart health
  • Prevents type 2 diabetes
  • Prevents obesity
  • Improves brain function
  • Stops brain aging
  • Gives longevity
  • Improves breath