Beat the Bloat with A2 Milk

Beat the Bloat with A2 Milk

Milk does well in the body. A2 Milk is a complete source of protein and calcium. Nowadays, about 80% of the world population cannot digest the lactose, which is a sugar found in the milk.  But, if the individuals try, it leads to tummy issues which can range from some discomfort to severe pain.

Not drinking milk is not a good option, as calcium present in the milk is highly essential for good health. Milk is a significant building block for the teeth as well as bones. Milk helps heart to beat, muscles to contract and blood to clot.

So, do you know what a person having milk sensitivity does?

Knowing Lactose Intolerance in A2 Milk

Lactose intolerance happens when the digestive system of individuals lacks the enzyme lactase, which is required to break milk sugar in simpler forms that can be absorbed in the bloodstream. But, if milk sugar is not broken and absorbed entirely, more water is drawn to the intestinal tract. Here healthy bacteria available in intestine ferments sugar that leads to symptoms that range in intensity from some mild to severe pain.

Well, the common symptoms include bloating, gas, cramping, nausea, and diarrhea. Well, lactose intolerance is a matter of degree; some individuals fall ill after consuming a glass of milk while other individuals fall sick after consuming a small sip.

The production of this essential enzyme lactase slower down after the age of 2, but most of the individuals do not notice the symptoms until they get older. Some conditions such as celiac, inflammatory, and Crohn’s disease might result in lactose intolerance. Some medications or illness like flu causes lactose intolerance too.

The level of lactase usually increases at the time of third-month pregnancy; all premature infants of all ethnicities are at higher risk of developing conditions. Nowadays, commonly named lactose intolerance is also known as lactose maldigestion. Only some individuals are having lactose maldigestion suffer prejudice. Most of the individuals having a lower level of racism can consume once a cup of milk without any issue.

What is bloating?

Bloating causes when your stomach gets swallow or enlarged after consuming something. Usually, bloating caused by digestive issues or gas. Well, bloating is highly, and moreover, 16-30% of individuals mainly experience bloating regularly.

However, bloating can be a symptom of severe medical issues, but mainly it has been caused by something present in the diet.

Difference between Lactose Intolerance and Milk Allergy

The lactose intolerance, as well as milk allergies, is two different conditions with different causes. The lactose caused due to the issue of digesting lactose, which is sugar available in milk. Instead, this milk allergy has been caused due to an individual’s immune system response to the protein available in milk and its products.

The milk allergy mainly appears in the starting while lactose intolerance and can arise later. Lactose intolerance can cause several uncomfortable symptoms, while a severe milk allergy can be life-threatening.

Beat Bloating with A2 milk

Are you suffering from milk intolerance? Well, there are several individuals on the list who suffers.

So, on this upcoming world milk day on 1st June 2019, I am going to give you some highlights about the facts of A2 milk, which is good news for individuals suffering from lactose intolerance. Well, there is a big difference between lactose intolerance and dairy intolerance. Most of the individuals have cut off fresh cow milk from their diet as they are intolerant to the A1 beta-casein protein available in the milk. It means that individuals can include A2 milk in their diet as it does not contain A1 protein and get a solution to beat the bloating after the consumption.

A2 milk contains lactose but produces A2 beta-casein protein. Thus, it is suitable for individuals who suffer from bloating, inflammation after consuming cow milk. Some experts in their research found that A2 milk is much better as compared to regular milk. It does better for individuals who are lactose intolerant. There is a vast difference between regular cow milk and A2 milk.

As per the expert’s research, milk can sometimes become an issue for the individuals who are suffering from IBS, but if the problem of bloating then, A2 milk is the ideal solution to defeat the disease. It is better to consume A2 milk rather than regular cow milk.

Considering the present scenario, individuals are moving towards healthy and organic products as they are looking towards their health more. A2 milk is also known as a natural dairy product as it is free from all chemicals and preservatives and better for the health of humans.

Benefits of Drinking Milk

Milk, as well as dairy products, offers phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and protein. Every nutrient is essential for the individuals for their healthy bones, teeth, muscles, and development of the body. Milk is much necessary for the kids to grow.

The milk mainly contributes to hydration and is an ideal drink to consume after a workout to recover energy level. Some of the studies also show that individuals who drink milk are more likely to lose weight quickly as compared to the ones who do not. Also, milk helps to lower blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

A2 Milk

Generally, there are two types of milk produces by cows. First is A1 milk, which is provided by the cows of foreign breeds. Second is A2 milk, which is produced by the cows of Indian desi breeds. The foreign cow breeds include Holstein, Ayrshire, and others. Indian desi cows include Gir, Rathi, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, and others.

A1 milk by foreign breeds contains A1 beta-casein protein while A2 milk produced by Desi cows contains A2 beta-casein protein. A1 beta-casein protein is highly harmful to the health of individuals, while A2 protein is much healthy for the body of individuals.

In fridges of individuals, A1 milk is found in the majority. As per the research is done in Europe Journal of Clinical Nutrition, most of the individuals are lactose intolerance due to the consumption of A1 milk.

According to the research published in 2014, for human digestion score of bloating were higher while drinking A1 milk as compared to the scored during consumption of A2 milk.

Well, lactose, which is sugar in milk is a significant issue in reality, and only 5% of individuals are lactose intolerant. In most of the cases, digestion issues arise due to intolerance to A1 protein. For these individuals, it is advised to switch to A2 milk, which is entirely natural and only contains A2 protein and not A1 and thus resolve their issues.

Also, there is new research done which revealed that there are not any individuals who suffer any disease after the consumption of A2 milk. There is not any denying in saying that A2 milk contains several nutritional benefits.

The Distinction between A1 Milk and A2 Milk

There are several studies conducted for the health benefits as well as risk for consuming A1 beta-casein protein. Consumption of A1 protein has various harmful side effects such as digestive issues, diabetes, and heart disease.

Also, there have been numerous trials done on animals that link regarding A1 beta-casein protein, which results in adverse health effects, and it has seen that A2 milk is a much healthier choice. Moreover, the research is still going on for A1 and A2 milk.

In a study, A1 protein present in A1 milk results in adverse effects on human health. But, an a2 protein found in A2 milk is a healthier option for the individuals.

Real Advantage of A2 Milk

The individuals who are lactose intolerant, milk is their main culprit. But there are several studies done that are connected with BCM-7 opioid peptide released by A1 protein is the leading cause of discomfort for individuals who are lactose intolerant.

Thus, whenever a lactose-intolerant individual consumes desi cow milk there is not any discomfort reported as in it there is not A1 beta-casein protein that releases BCM7.

But in general, A2 milk does not offer any exclusive benefits, but despite it is shown in some studies conducted that it is easier for lactose intolerance individuals to digest A2 milk. So, if you are experiencing any discomfort while drinking milk, then switching to A2 milk is an ideal option for you.

Not only A2 milk provides benefits to adults but also, it is highly beneficial for the infants.

Some benefits of A2 milk for infants:
  • A2 beta-casein in A2 milk keeps the body of kid healthy
  • Contains calcium which is essential for the growth of teeth and bones\
  • Provide healthy fat for energy and growth of kids
  • No harmful chemicals available thus keep kids away from diseases
  • Fit for kid’s nourishment due to vitamin A and B
  • Maintains the weight of kids and reduces the risk of Type-1 diabetes
Why A2 Milk?

As per some of the research done, the consumption of A1 milk is highly harmful to the health of humans. A2 milk is a better option to consume after the mother’s milk as A2 milk contains colostrums which is present in mother’s milk. Colostrum helps to provide energy to the body. Moreover, consumption of A1 milk can result in various diseases while the use of a2 milk provides a cure for several diseases.

Due to the presence of BCM7 available in A1 protein, it is harmful to the body and caused diseases such as bloating, diarrhea and others.


Are you experiencing bloating? Are you consuming A1 milk regularly? Then, switch to A2 milk and cure yourself from bloating caused by A1 milk.

At last, I will say that desi cow milk is better for health as it is natural. So, I suggest individuals switch towards A2 milk and experience the change in your health. If you are searching for A2 milk provider then, rely on DesiMoo.

If you find more information about A2 milk, then let us know with your comments below.