Difference between Regular Milk and Organic Milk-min

Difference Between Regular Milk and Organic Milk

Milk is a nutritious beverage rich in vitamins and minerals. And no matter what part of the world they come from, people have always been particular about their choices in milk. Generally, milk is available in two forms in the market- Regular (or, Conventional) and Organic. Though both types are obtained from cows and have more or less the same nutritional value, they still are different from each other. In this post, we will find out how?

What is Organic Milk?

Organic milk is produced from cows being fed on natural grasses and vegetation in a natural environment. There is no use of fertilizers or chemicals in the grass they eat. Also, these cows are not treated with hormones or antibodies to increase their milk production. Putting it simply, the milk obtained from cows that are raised in a natural environment without the use of any artificial sedatives, chemicals, or supplements is called Organic Milk.

Organic milk undergoes pasteurization which involves heating milk to 138-degree centigrade for 2-4 seconds, so the shelf life is better. In short, organic milk is more natural and safer than regular milk.

What is Regular Milk?

Regular milk is obtained from the cows kept in barns and fed on grasses treated with chemicals and fertilizers. The cows are also treated with hormones and antibodies to increase milk production. So, the milk may not be as natural and equally safe as organic milk. Talking about the taste, regular milk is less rich in taste as compared to organic milk. The shelf life is also shorter.

Which milk is more ideal for your health?

Organic milk might be a bit expensive but fulfills all the duty of health requirements needed for our body. There is no use of artificial chemicals, and additives, so organic milk any day is safe to consume. However, few people might not like its taste as they have been in the habit of consuming regular milk. But that depends on your choice only.

The reason why organic milk has a better shelf life

As said above, the reason why Organic milk has a better shelf life than regular milk lies in the process of pasteurization. The organic milk pasteurization process is different due to the fact that there are fewer organic farms throughout the country. So, the milk needs a longer shelf life to reach the grocery stores with enough time for the consumers to buy and enjoy it.

Bottom Line

It does not matter what milk you are consuming, you can be assured there is not much difference in them. Therefore, be it Organic or Regular milk, one thing is sure the milk has plenty of health benefits and even skin benefits to offer you.