Changing the game of A2 Cow Milk in dairy industry

Desimoo- Changing The Game of A2 Cow Milk in Dairy Industry

The A2 Cow Milk is a special kind of milk as it is enriched with A2 β-casein protein and Colostrum whose benefits are similar to the mother’s milk in human beings. It can be produced only through Indian breed cows and offers numerous health benefits to people.

A glass of A2 Cow Milk provides nutritional benefits similar to various types of foods such as the protein content equals protein offering of 1.5 medium eggs, calcium equals 10 cups of raw spinach, potassium offering of 1 banana, and phosphorus equaling a cup of kidney beans.

Fresh & Pure A2 Cow Milk

DesiMoo delivers fresh and pure protein-rich A2 Cow Milk which is produced through high- quality Desi breed Gir cows at their farm located in lush green surroundings. The milk is 100% raw with no adulteration, external mixing, or chemicals.

Cattle-friendly farm

DesiMoo believes that only happy and healthy cows can produce healthy and high-quality A2 cow milk. Their farm is located in lush-green surroundings providing a safe, clean, and hygienic environment to cattle. Cows can roam around freely which helps in reducing bloating. They can rest under the sun on balmy winter mornings so that natural Vitamin D is produced in their body which eventually enhances the quality of milk.

Regular quality tests

DesiMoo follows the latest technology and methods for regular testing and processing of A2 Cow milk in their labs to maintain consistency in quality and purity. The tests help them to fulfill their commitment to delivering chemical-free and pure milk to their customers everyday pampering them with great health and immunity.

Eco-friendly packaging

DesiMoo believes in maintaining an end-to-end sustainable supply chain hence the milk is delivered in recyclable and eco-friendly glass bottles. The aim is to reduce plastic usage and offer fresh and nutritious dairy products to the customers without any trace of chemicals and toxins that usually gets mixed in milk from plastic packets.

Doorstep delivery

The milk is delivered directly from the farm to the comfort of your home within a few hours of milking. It is untouched, raw, and in its purest form. Since there are no mediators involved and everything is managed directly by the company, customers can vouch for the quality and delivery.

Effective customer care

We love to hear about our customer’s experiences and love to know their suggestions so that we can improve our services and products. To implement this culture, we have deployed an effective customer care team to ensure no customer query or complaint goes unheard.

Curated to promote healthy dietary habits, DesiMoo is playing an important role in changing the availability and delivery of A2 Cow Milk in Gurgaon, India. They are also encouraging Indians to adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Book a trial of cow milk online in Gurgaon to feel the taste and difference.