Benefits of Pure Desi Gir Cow Milk

Benefits of Pure Desi Gir Cow Milk

Milk is one of the most popular food products in India that is consumed by people of all age-groups and social standing. Cow milk has always been considered a healthy choice for an active lifestyle in our culture. However, recent times have seen a shift in people’s food habits; especially in urban areas like Gurgaon. People have begun to consume frozen and packaged foods, especially milk. Unhealthy food habits have shown an adverse effect on people’s health. Due to the deficiency of Pure Desi Cow Milk in Gurgaon, a large number of bone and heart diseases have started to consume young men and women. A passive and indoor lifestyle has also led to the cause of several deficiencies in the young generation.

The quick fix to many of the health problems lies in the benefits of consuming cow milk regularly. People hadn’t been able to take advantage of this nature’s gift owing to several reasons. One of the many essential reasons includes the lack of access to pure food products in urban areas, like the unavailability of Pure Desi Cow Milk in Gurgaon in the past. But this problem has been resolved with brands like DesiMoo providing Gir Cow Milk in Gurgaon.

Difference in A1 and A2

The protein contents in cow milk can be of two kinds- A1 and A2. A single amino acid causes the difference between these kinds of milk. Indian cows like the Gir cows are known to provide the A2 variety of milk, while the European cows are known to provide A1. 

The significant difference between these varieties of milk is how the human body digests them. The A2 milk provided by desi cows has the essential nutrients to fight several diseases and deficiencies. The dairy products made from the desi cow milk, like butter and ghee, are also rich sources of vitamins and minerals. They help to boost immunity and keep diseases like diabetes and joint problems at bay.

DesiMoo is known to be one of the most reliable brands to provide pure desi cow milk in Gurgaon. The A2 cow milk produced by DesiMoo cows has A2 beta-casein protein. Some of the advantages that the DesiMoo A2 cow milk has are:

  • Good source of vitamin D, calcium and minerals
  • Fresh and pure 
  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Excellent quality of milk provided by well-fed cows
  • Milk is procured and delivered by local farmers.
  • Consumption of DesiMoo milk helps support local businesses and India’s cause for self-reliance
  • The local farmers use eco-friendly methods to obtain milk that has no adverse effect on the environment.