A2 Milk Benefits for Stronger Immunity

Benefits of A2 Milk for Humans Stronger Immunity

By now, we know how healthy and beneficial the consumption of A2 milk for humans is. Let’s move one step further on this journey with the Immunity factor. 

In this article, we will talk about the Immunity benefits of A2 milk. Let’s get started.

Which Cows Produce A2 Milk?

A2 milk is produced by desi Indian cows having hump and dewlap. According to ancient Vedic sciences, a nerve “Surya Ketu Nadi” flows along the backbone of desi cows, which is responsible for the medicinal benefits of milk. 

This nerve is known to absorb all the essential elements of the sun-rays and the environment, and it then transfers all the good elements to the milk. The dewlap or the skin-fold on the other hand is known to restore nutrients and some good salts into the milk.

The Indian breeds, namely Gir, Rathi, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, and Tharparkar are the ones that produce A2 milk. 

Immunity Strengthening Hormones

A2 milk constitutes the A2 Beta casein protein which is helpful in doubling the disease-fighting antioxidant Glutathione (GSH) in the body. GSH is also responsible for building excellent immunity against pathogens.

 A2 milk also contains proline-rich peptides which help to regulate the thymus gland. All in all, A2 milk helps in regulating the immune system which helps in fighting off diseases.

A2 milk is easier to digest

As compared to A1 milk, the A2 beta-casein found in the milk of A2 cows does not break down into BCM-7 in human bodies, thereby making A2 milk easier to digest. This property of A2 milk also overrides the adverse effects of BCM-7 in human bodies. 

Besides, A2 milk contains essential amino acids which are helpful in protein formation in humans. These amino acids are great for healthy kidneys.

A2 Milk is Enriched with Vitamins

A2 milk produced by desi cows is an excellent source of Vitamin A, B2, B3, D, and more. These vitamins help in the overall growth that is why it’s important to give your growing children A2 milk. A2 milk also helps in strengthening bones and joints.

The vitamin A present in A2 cow milk reinforces cell growth and is a key factor to a healthy immune system.

Great source of Good Cholesterol and Fatty Acids

A2 milk products like ghee, curd, and yogurt are a great source of Omega-3 Fatty acids which lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart diseases by decreasing triglycerides in the body. The HDL or High-density lipoproteins, also known as good cholesterol reduces the risk of heart attacks. 

A wonder for women

According to some studies, A2 milk has also helped in PMS symptoms and discomforts. Regular consumption of A2 milk also helps in the regularity of menstrual cycles. Minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium help in reducing pain and increasing strength.

To Wrap Up

The benefits of A2 milk are immense. Other than all of this, A2 milk is also used as a skin cleanser and has plenty of anti-aging properties.

Still, wondering whether to start consuming A2 milk? Think no more, just go for it.