All You Need to Know About Desi A2 Cow Milk

All You Need to Know About Desi A2 Cow Milk

A2 Milk got its name from the rich amount of A2 beta-casein protein present in the milk. It is one of the most nutritional form of milk available today. It has the best combination of Omega-3 fats which helps in cleansing of cholesterol deposited in blood vessels. The Gir cow breed from India is specifically known for producing high quality A2 Milk. A research found that protein present in A2 Milk is a long chain of amino acids. In fact, the beta casein present in A2 Milk is a chain of 229 amino acids and the Gir cows specifically producing this type of protein in their milk with number 67 amino acid are known as A2 Cows.

The A2 Milk has several health benefits and it is suited for all age groups. The regular consumption promotes digestion and prevents obesity in children and adults. It contains cerebrosides which improves brain power and provides protection against the harmful radiation. It also boosts the milk production in feeding mothers.

The Desi A2 Cow Milk is sweet in taste and has cooling effect on both body and mind. It improves Ojas-the element responsible for developing immunity. Besides, it enhances life’s expectancy by promoting health and well-being. The A2 Milk is a good remedy for fatigue, dizziness and controls excessive hunger and thirst through easy movements of the intestines. An excellent source of Calcium, it also helps in building sturdy bones and teeth.

To savor all the benefits of A2 Cow Milk, it is important to consume fresh, natural and chemical-free milk. The best A2 Cow Milk in Gurgaon is produced at company-owned farms and delivered directly at doorstep by the DesiMoo Company. The company has become a game-changer in the industry by providing 100% natural, fresh, and unadulterated best Cow Milk in Gurgaon. Since, the milk is packed in eco-friendly glass bottles they are also free from the harmful effects of plastic packaging. You can easily order it online through their website.

The company’s vision is to revive the goodness of ancient culture once again in the country by offering pure and chemical-free A2 milk and other dairy products without any hassles at the convenience of your home. This vision is achieved by following all the organic and sustainable farming practices to promote health and longevity amongst people.