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Advantages of Cow Milk in the Golden Years

We often hear people talking about the relevance of cow milk for infants and growing children. Everyone makes sure to have at least one glass of milk every day as a child. But this nutritious food item takes a backseat in our diet as we grow up. It is a myth that milk is only beneficial for kids. The adults need milk in their diet as much as children. In fact, a glass of milk everyday helps one to stay healthier and fitter in the old age. People more than 60 years of age benefit greatly from consuming cow milk as they a need to maintain bone strength and save muscle strength.

According to a study, around 50 percent women and 25 percent men who are more than 50 years of age tend to break at least one bone in their life owing to osteoporosis. It makes it important for older people to include a fair amount of calcium and vitamin D in their diet as it helps in preventing osteoporosis. Both these nutrients are found in abundance in the cow milk, which makes it an essential food for the elderly.

To understand the benefits of the cow milk for the elderly, take a look at the nutrients present in the milk and their benefits for people above 60 years of age.

A Good Source of Potassium

Many older people are known to miss this essential nutrient from their diets. And most of the older adults are known to consume high quantities of sodium. High blood pressure is the most common condition that can be caused due to the lack of potassium and excess of sodium in the diets of older people. High blood pressure leads to a number of other conditions such as chronic kidney disease, heart attack and stroke. It is so dangerous that it is known as the ‘silent killer’ of the elderly.

A Good Source of Calcium

Calcium is the most important nutrient required to build and maintain bone strength in elders. It helps in preventing osteoporosis, more specifically in older women who are losing the bone strength due to their growing age and menopause.

A Good Source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is cionsumed by the human skin with the help of the sunlight. But, this natural process slows down in the old age. This essential nutrient is extremely important as it helps the bones to absorb the calcium consumed through the diet.

The older adults should include three serving of milk in their daily diet, including raw cow milk and dairy products like cottage cheese and yogurt. Milk can also be consumed with breakfast cereals and in the form of dishes such as kheer.

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