Advantages of A2 Cow Milk over A1

Advantages of A2 Cow Milk over A1

Milk is the preferred drink of the people of all ages and classes. It is the easiest and the most comfortable way of including essential nutrients such as calcium and protein in one’s diet. Other elements like lactose, vitamins, minerals and fat also contribute to making milk one of the necessary food items.

There have been several debates about how Cow Milk Online in Gurgaon is the healthiest and most suitable milk to be consumed by both children and adults. But, very few people are aware that cow milk can be divided into two categories based on the form of the beta-casein protein found in it. The health benefits derived from the milk depend on this beta-casein protein that constitutes 80% of the protein contents in cow milk. The beta-casein protein can either be A1 or A2.

The A2 category is provided by desi or native cows like the gir cows. However, the mixed-race cows from northern Europe produce the A1 type of milk. It is believed that the A1 beta-casein found in this milk can be even harmful to the health of a few people. Besides A2 beta-casein protein, the native Indian cows’ milk also contains a type of amino acid called proline.

According to a number of studies conducted by experts, the benefits of A2 cow milk exceed that of the A1 type of milk by many factors.

  • The A2 milk provided by desi cows is generally considered to be healthier than the A1 milk. 
  • Unlike the A1 variety of milk, the A2 cow milk is considered to be suitable to be consumed by people who are lactose-intolerant as it is easier to digest. The inability to digest the milk may lead to bloating, gas, and diarrhea. 
  • The A2 milk provided by the desi Indian cows is in sync with the environmental conditions in India. Therefore, our bodies tend to be more comfortable in digesting this variety of milk.
  • The buying and consuming of milk provided by the Indian cows bred and maintained in India contributes to the local economy and helps in giving healthy revenues to the local Indian farms. 
  • While digesting the A1 beta-casein, Beta-casomorphin-7, a kind of an opioid peptide, is released. It is considered to be unhealthy. A few experts believe that BCM-7 may be linked to several diseases, including type 1 diabetes, heart disease, infant death, autism, and several digestive problems.

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