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How Is A2 Ghee Different With Benefits And What Is Term A2?

Ghee has always been part of Indian tradition. With so many health benefits and some myths, Ghee is consumed by a majority of people around. Often we get to hear people around us talking about A2 ghee. But what is A2 ghee and what makes it different from the regular ghee available in the market?

The Ghee you see in the market is not really made by the traditional process, no matter the tagline and the word “desi” added to it. That definitely is not the A2 ghee. So how is A2 ghee different? Or it is just premium quality ghee? 

With this article, we aim to clear all your doubts and queries regarding this wonderful product.

What Is The Term A2?

A2 is basically a protein present in the milk of our Indigenous desi cows, namely Gir, Sahiwal, etc and the same protein is present in human milk too. Young babies are given A2 milk as it is easy to digest. Hence, the consumption of A2 milk is said to be more beneficial for humans.

The milk that is yielded from other breeds like Jerseys, Hereford, etc of European origin contains A1 protein. A1 milk is not considered ideal for human consumption.

A2 Ghee- An Ayurvedic Recommendation

The ghee made from the milk of our desi cows is called A2 ghee. This ghee is made using the Bilona process which involves making Makkhan from curds and not from Malai.

What Makes A2 Ghee Different From The Regular Ghee?

Most ghee available in the market is prepared by heating the Malai. The source of the milk, breed of the cow, and the overall making of the product are never known to customers. There are many questions that remain unanswered- What do the cows consume? How is their lifestyle? Whether any hormone injection is given to them and many other such questions. This ghee is prepared in the industry with additives like color and flavors being added to it heavily to enhance the texture and aroma.

A2 ghee on the other hand is made in farms in smaller batches. No additives are added in the ghee. The cows are not given any hormone injection and are fed on organic fodder only. The seller makes sure to answer the entire question that arises in the customer’s mind like- Where the farm is located? How do cows spend their day? What are they fed? How is the ghee made?

Benefits of A2 Ghee

A2 Ghee is rich in iron, sodium, calcium, vitamin A, D, E, omega 3, and fatty acids. The health benefits of A2 ghee includes:

  • Good for hair & skin
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Helps in wound recovery
  • Can prevent diseases like Asthma and headaches
  • Ideal for joint massage & treating broken bones
  • Lowers bad cholesterol and does not cause blockages.
  • Can help in losing weight
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Suitable for even lactose-intolerant person

The list of health benefits of A2 ghee is long.

How Do You Know Whether The Ghee Being Sold To You Is Genuine A2 Ghee?

Many vendors in the market are selling any ghee calling it A2 ghee. It is important that you don’t fall into this trap and know the authenticity of the ghee you are purchasing.

To check whether the ghee being sold to you is A2 or not, you must know about the location of the farm where the cows live. If possible, you should also make a visit to the farms and spend some time there to know what practices are followed there. By doing this, you can also know about the breed of cows present in the farm and the process by which ghee is made.

Interaction with the farmers and regular lab tests of the products are the best way to check the authenticity of the ghee.

Where Can You Buy 100% Genuine A2 Ghee?

GFO farming is a leading producer and seller of organic milk and its byproducts. The milk is obtained from the desi cows in a safe and natural environment. The process they use is traditional and organic.

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