A1 Vs A2 Cows Milk: What is the Difference, Benefits and Nutrition

A1 Vs A2 Cows Milk: What is the Difference, Benefits and Nutrition

Since ancient times, milk is one of the best diets for individuals. Well, the milk offers several kinds of advantages as it contains various minerals as well as nutrients which are crucial for better health. A2 Cows milk is a complete food for children. Thus, starting the day with a glass of milk is one of the best things. Most of the experts believe that drinking milk in the morning and night helps your body to keep healthy.

The consumption of milk is as healthy diet due to its essential nutritional value. Moreover, the nutritional value of milk is higher as compared to the small content calorie.

Why A2 Milk is Essential?

As per the fact, there is not any denying that milk provides various health benefits. But which milk to consume?  There are different kinds of milk available such as cow’s milk, goat milk and other types of milk in the market.

Do you know cow milk is considered to be healthier for consumption? But cow’s milk is further divided into two types, i.e. A1 cows milk and A2 cows milk. The Desi Indian breed cows produce A2 cows milk.

The A1 cows include Holstein, Ayrshire, and others and A2 cows include Gir, Rathi, Sahiwal, and others. The primary difference between A1 cow milk and A2 cows milk is that it is a beta-casein protein. A1 milk contains A1 beta-casein protein, and A2 milk contains A2 beta-casein protein.

Do You Know What Difference Between A1 Cows & A2 Cows Milk?

No, then stay tuned with this blog and make yourself aware of dissimilarity among A1 cow and A2 cow. The general difference among A1 cows and A2 cow is that A1 cow produces A1 milk and A2 cows produce A2 milk. A2 cow’s milk is considered healthier for health, but A1 cow’s milk can cause several health issues.

The Difference Among A1 Cow and A2 Cow

  • A2 cows have the availability of hump on their shoulders that absorb Vitamin D with the help of sun rays and get a release in A2 milk while A1 cows do not have any hump on their shoulders.
  • A2 Cow milk has a high level of Omega 3, which cleans cholesterol from the blood vessel. Also, A2 cow milk enhances the excellent level of cholesterol. While A1 cows milk does is known for increasing bad cholesterol in the blood vessel.
  • A2 cows are entirely hygienic, and the milk obtained by them is unadulterated and free from all kinds of preservatives. A2 cows can survive in extreme weather conditions. While A1 cows are known for their laziness and consumption of A1 cows milk increases the chances of diseases as they are not hygienic. 
  • A2 cows milk contains cerebrosides, which enhances brainpower and body immunity. Also, A2 milk protects humans from all harmful radiation. But A1 cows milk does not contain any medicinal values.

Some More difference among A1 and A2 Cow

  • The A2 cow’s dung is utilized for organic farming while A1 cows dung is no in the organic farming
  • A2 cows have the presence of hump on shoulders and can reach any part of the body with the assistance of the tongue and tail. A2 cows have the power to free themselves from flies by shaking a particular part of the body. But an A1 cow does not have the presence of hump on the back and no power to free themselves from flies.
  • A2 cows belong to the Bos Indicus family while A1 cows belong to the Bos Taurus family.
  • A2 cows have a specialty of storing the energy of the sun with a hump and transfer this energy to milk. While A1 cows keep themselves away from the sun
  • A2 cows milk offers complete nutrition like fats, carbohydrates, macro, and micronutrients. While A1 cows milk contains a1 beta-casein protein which does not provide any healthy nutrition to the body of humans.
  • A2 cows dung, as well as urine, is utilized in the pest control while A1 cows dung or urine does not use in pest control.

Difference Between A1 Cow Milk and A2 Cow Milk

Now, as we have seen the difference between A1 cow and a2 cows, let’s see the detailed difference between A1 cow milk and A2 cows milk.

  • The cows of different breeds produce A1 cow milk comprises of Jersey and Holstein. A2 cow milk is obtained by ancient or desi cows, which include Gir, Rathi, Sahiwal, and others.
  • A1 cow milk produces A1 beta-casein protein, and A2 cow milk produces A2 beta-casein protein and other nutrients such as potassium, protein, calcium, and vitamin.
  • A2 cow milk is the best alternative after consumption of mother’s milk as it contains colostrum, which is available in mother’s milk. But A1 cow milk is highly harmful for use and does not have colostrum and increases chances of Type-1 diabetes.
  • Consumption of A1 cow milk regularly can cause digestive issues, but the use of A2 cow milk can cure digestive problems.
  • The selection of cow breeds are made for the production of A2 cow milk, but in A1 cow milk; there is not any selection done.
  • A2 milk cow produces proline, and A1 milk contains histidine.
  • A1 milk can cause adverse effects on humans, while A2 cow milk is considered to be healthy.
  • A2 cows milk produces A2 beta-casein healthy for the body. While A1 cow milk provides A1 beta-casein that contains BCM7 which is unhealthy for the body

Do you know what BCM7 is?

BCM7 is an opioid peptide present in A1 beta-casein protein obtained from A1 cow milk. BCM7 is the only reason that A1 cows milk is considered to be not healthy than A2 cows milk.

Consumption of A1 milk means absorbing BCM7 into blood vessels, which results in high chances of autism, schizophrenia and other disorders.

Some studies reveal that BCM7 is not present in healthy adults while there are chances of BCM7 in the infants

Some adverse effects after consumption of BCM7

Type 1 Diabetes Risk

This kind of disease mainly occurs in children. This disease recognizes as a failure of the body to produce insulin. As per the evidence by epidemiological, drinking A1 milk means increases the chances of causing type 1 diabetes in children.

Mother’s milk contains A2 beta-casein protein, which helps to cure type 1 diabetes.

The observational studies show that consumption of a1 beta-casein protein causes insulin-dependent diabetes.

Increase Heart Disease

When A1 beta-casein protein compared with A2 beta-casein protein, a1 beta-casein increases the chances of blood pressure, blood vest, inflammation, blood fat. But as per the other studies, there is not any crucial difference among A1 and A2 beta-casein protein on the level of cholesterol

BCM7 causes SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

One of the common causes of death of infants less than one year is called SIDS. Some research shows that this sudden death of infants is due to BCM7 present in A1 beta-casein protein

Well more studies are required to process about A1 milk consumption, which can cause SIDS.

BCM7 causes autism

Autism is an expansion disorder identified by disabilities, including issues with communication, social interaction and repetitive behaviors. BCM7 plays a vital role in the progress of autism in children. Well, there are numerous studies done, but there is not any solid proof that it causes autism.

Thus, switching to A2 cow milk from A1 cow milk is better for children who are suffering from autism.

Digestion Issue

Lactose intolerance is one of the main concerns to digest the sugar, i.e. lactose completely. Sugar is the leading cause of gas, diarrhea and bloating. The amount of lactose is more in A1 cow milk as compared to A2 cow’s milk. Moreover, studies reveal that A2 cow milk does not cause any bloating in individuals.

Moreover, several studies have suggested that A1 beta-casein might encourage inflammation in the digestive system.

Well, it has been wrong to say that A1 cow milk is not suitable for health as it has not proved.

Benefits Associated with A2 Cow milk

  • Presence of Omega 6 fatty acid in the A2 milk
  • Keeps body, brain, and heart-healthy
  • Highly nutritious for children
  • Maintains the level of cholesterol
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Enhances digestive system
  • Enhances immune power
  • Alternative milk option for infants
  • Can be digested easily

Health Benefits Associated with A2 Milk

Nourishment and Growth

A2 cow milk is the best source of nutrition for the nerves as well as the development of the brain. The presence of cerebrosides in A2 milk enhances brainpower. And strontium present in A2 cow milk increases the immunity of the body and preserve from harmful radiations. 

Medicinal Value

A2 cows milk contains medicinal values and assists in fighting cancer, obesity, diabetes, PMS, migraine attacks and better for ages of different individuals. There is evidence that A1 cow milk links to health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, type 1 diabetes, SIDS, immune disorders and allergies.


A2 cow milk is easy to digest for children, infants, and other ages individuals. This milk does not causes bloating, and other disease symptoms can be cured by A2 milk


A2 cows milk is closest to the mother milk. It is an alternative to consume after mother’s milk. All mammal excluding foreign breed cows produces A2 beta-casein protein, including humans. It means that A2 milk offers the same benefits as mother’s milk. The desi Indian cows have the presence of colostrums, which is available in the mother’s milk, and its content is high in antibodies and protein that keeps baby healthy.


A2 cows milk assist in regenerating the broken muscles. Also, it serves a selection of essential operations at the time of pregnancy that includes the building of baby tissues

Nutrition in A2 Cow Milk


Several vitamins in A2 cows milk:

Vitamin D: Better for the teeth as well as bones of the human

Vitamin A: Crucial for the vision and immunity of individuals

Vitamin B12: Better for the growth of red blood cells

Vitamin B2: Helps in converting the food into energy


With this blog post, you have understood the dissimilarity among A1 cow milk and A2 cows milk. Well, A2 cows milk contains A2 beta-casein protein and A1 cows milk contains A1 beta-casein protein. The protein obtained from A2 cows milk is healthier for the body, and A1 cow protein is unhealthy for the collection of humans.

There are several studies done for the comparison of A1 cow milk and A2 cows milk. Experts have suggested that consuming A2 cow’s milk is better and healthier as compared to A1 cow milk. But there is not any evidence till now which proves this.

So, it is worth to consume A2 milk rather than A1 milk to stay healthy and fit. Comment below your suggestions if you have to know anything about A1 cows milk and A2 cows milk which is not written in the blog!