4 Special Coffee Drinks for The Fall season

4 Special Coffee Drinks for The Fall season

The last quarter of the year has knocked in. Leaves are changing colors, there is a whiff of aroma in the air, sun is balmy and the weather is cooler. These beautfiful signs indicate the arrival of Fall. With the arrival of fall, it’s time to indulge in your favorite coffee drinks. Let’s check out some delicious coffee drinks which you can easily make at home with fresh cow milk.

Hazelnut Latte

As the name suggests, this latte has hazelnut flavor to pacify your taste buds and uplift your spirit. Just take a cup of hot cow milk and add 1-2 tbsp of hazelnut flavored coffee. Give it a good stir and it’s ready. Don’t add any sugar as hazelnut is sweet by nature.

Hot Chocolate

A glass of hot chocolate is ideal for the cozy fall season for providing that energy boost throughout the day. Boil a glass of cow milk. Add choco chips and a spoon of sugar. Stir it until they melt in it. Further, add unsweetened cocoa powder and boil it a bit more. Take it off the burner and whisk the mixture. Further, add a pinch of vanilla extract. Garnish it with your favorite candies, chopped nuts, whipped cream, or chopped chocolate pieces. Serve it hot. Get inside your cozy blanket and relish your favorite movie.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Take a cup of cow milk, add pumpkin syrup, maple syrup, vanilla essence, spices mixtures such as cardamom, black pepper, cloves, and a pinch of ground cardamom and sea salt (as per taste). Mix well and heat the mixture in a saucepan. Add 1-2 tbsp of espresso or black coffee to hot mixture. Garnish with grounded nutmeg and serve hot.

Honey Cinnamon Latte

Soothe your nerves with this decadent spicy-sweet flavored coffee in the crispy aromatic fall mornings. Easy to make, all it will take five minutes of your morning time. Take a cup of hot cow milk, add a teaspoon of honey, add a pimch of cinnamon powder and mix it well. Further add 1-2 tbsp of espresso coffee and stir it well. You may also give it a good boil. Savor it on weekends with your favorite book.

These homemade coffee drinks taste best when made with fresh cow milk. Now you can have the delivery of farm-fresh cow milk directly at your home from The Cow Milk. Cows are milked early morning for fresh milk delivery every day.