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The journey of GFO Farming starts with the intent of offering superior quality desi cow milk and milk products obtained from Indian breed cows. We deliver 100% pure, healthy and nutrient-rich dairy products from cows raised with proper care and nourishment. We are known for offering fresh ghee and cow milk in Jhajjar Haryana. Our dairy products are free from harmful preservatives.

GFO Farming offers pure desi cow milk churned from Hariana, Sahiwal, Gir, and Rathi Cows. Our valued customers get pure and delicious milk from us. Our hassle-free service provides you and your family with nutritious and healthy desi cow milk. The desi cow milk is complete dairy milk natural and free from the additive. This is the reason it tastes refreshing.

Desi cow milk does not cause any kind of issues and easy to digest as it does not contain any kind of toxic proteins.

How Desi Cow Is Different From Other Breeds

Milk is one of the healthiest drink kids can consume. So, make sure to include milk in the daily diet of your kids. Drinking A2 milk has several advantages for your kids. A2 milk not only keeps bones of kids strong and healthy bit also helps in complete growth and development of kids. Consumption of A2 milk everyday aids your kids to maintain overall health.

A2 milk is best thing after consumption of mother’s milk. Every mammals (excluding foreign cows breed) produces A2 milk, including humans. GFO Farming, desi cow milk provides contiguous advantages of mother’s milk. Our milk has Colostrum which is available in mother’s milk. The colostrum is high in protein as well as antibodies so it keeps the baby healthy.

A2 milk is nutrient rich and hence benefits kids in various ways. A2 milk contains several nutrients like phosphorous, Calcium, Vitamin B, Vitamin D and potassium. Kids who drink A2 milk can prevent osteoporosis as well as bone fractures. Also, it helps to maintain weight of kids. Amount of A2 milk that your kid can consume daily basically depends on various factors such as age, height and whether or not he/she is lactose intolerant. 



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AT GFO Farming, we produce A2 milk without use of any chemicals or pesticides. We make sure to offer the A2 milk completely fresh and pure at your doorstep.

Award wining quality

We ensure that A2 milk offered by us is of superior quality and secure for consumption.

Best dairy products

We offer you with finest dairy products like A2 milk and Ghee at convenience and ease of your home.

Healthy and nutritious

We maintain superior level of hygiene requirements for A2 milk production so as to deliver healthy and nutritious milk to our valued customers.

Pasteurized Milk

Provide ready to consume rich and creamy milk right at your doorstep directly from the dairy

Delivery to your door

We deliver unmatched quality pure and fresh A2 milk produced by selective breed cows to your doorstep free of cost

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Want superior quality dairy products? Choose GFO Farming! We deliver 100% pure, healthy and nutrient-rich products at your doorstep from cows rose with proper care and nourishment. Experience our dairy products desi cow Milk and A2 Ghee churned from indigenous cow breeds and re-visit Healthy Indian Culture.



GFO Farming offers pure A2 milk of Desi Sahiwal Cows. Get pure, delicious, organic milk and ghee from us at your doorstep. Our A2 milk is completely natural and free from additive. GFO Farming is situated in Jhajjar, Haryana. Our products are known all over the world for their superior quality.



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